July 19th, 2018

Meryann Haas’s Journey

Meryann Haas - Spa Manager Steiner Leisure Transocean. Meryann successfully completed the ITEC Personal Trainer course together with Indoor Studio Cycling and Group Fitness here at Sprint College in 2015. Since graduating from Sprint College Meryann has gone on to lead an exciting life aboard a number of international Cruise Liners travelling throughout the world. Meryann has worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional for cruise companies such as Costa Luminosa, Costa Magica, Costa Pacifica and Costa Diadema. Meryann now holds the exciting position of Spa Manager with Steiner Leisure Transocean.

What Meryann has to say about Sprint College: "I immediately had my first interview to work on board a cruise ship after I did my courses at Sprint College. I then had 4 weeks cruise ship training in London and have not looked back since. My life has changed since I completed the courses at Sprint College, I cannot imagine myself in another life or job. Thank you for these opportunities".

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